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From diplomacy to the interpersonal - the "Bridges of Love"
When the State of Israel was established on May 14, 1948 nobody could imagine that it would ever create fruitful diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Germany, which was launched a year later since the national socialist predecessor state of the Federal Republic had initiated the systematic murder of 6 million Jews. However, on 12 May 1965, 50 years ago, the seemingly impossible happened and both countries established official diplomatic relations.
Even love relationships between so-called "German blood" and "Jews" were in Nazi Germany anything but self-evident. Until 1945 in Germany such love relationships and marrying "Jews" were defined as racial disgrace. On September 15, 1935, when at the Reichstag Rally in Nuremberg the "Blood Protection Law" was enacted the Nazis presented marriages and extramarital relations between Jews and Aryans as punishable.
Today, after 70 years we are surrounded by a very different reality. In all classes and subcultures of both countries, there are German-Israeli couples and families that were not stopped by the difficult past to build a "bridge of love".
The development of relations between Israel and Germany, and the relations between the people of both countries are giving hope. Therefore, the artist and cultural anthropologist decided to visualize the moment of love between people.
The stories of families shows that the personhood is much more important than any historical background of the environment they come from!
Visual presentation + Text
This project has the visual representation of the diversity of German-Israeli love relationships as a goal.
All German-Israeli couples and families were photographed in their home (in Germany and Israel) to make the individuality of their worlds visible.
In addition to the visual representation, there is a text. Each couple and each family tells us how they met and whether the Germany's past plays a role in their relationship or not. (not here in website)

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